Cecilie Bahnsen

Janessa Dress - Navy Blue

$1,625 CAD

1 left in this size

Designer uses UK sizing

the short yet sculptural janessa dress exudes relaxed femininity. the silhouette captures cecilie bahnsen’s signature voluminous sleeves, a cinched waist and a feminine detailing at the shoulder.

composition: cotton 44% cotton 33% polyamide 23% polyester


Cecilie Bahnsen

The durability and quality of traditional know-how. Bringing the intricate details of Couture into the every day. Carefully sourcing luxurious and qualitative raw materials. Manufacturing with the highest standards, by hand. Unique bespoke fabrics designed and manufactured with care.

Creating timeless garments, outside of trends, outside of landfill. Clothes to cherish, to keep, to share, to lend, to pass on.


Cecilie Bahnsen

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