Blue Blue Japan

City Light Roving Tweed D.B. Coat - Black

oversized mannish coat. the details are formal, but the size and soft fabric give it a gentle impression.

roving yarns and fancy yarns are used to create uneven weaves. the roving thread is looser than usual, so it is lighter than it looks.
an original material inspired by a flickering light in the dark. it looks like kasuri and has a calm atmosphere.

mannish atmosphere with fish mouth lapel. it has a loose size that does not feel cramped even when layered. combined with the fabric with a modern impression, it has a mature feel that is not too tight.


Blue Blue Japan

Established in the early 1990s, this Tokyo-based brand is known for its bold use of natural indigo. The garments are built to develop a unique patina through traditional dying & construction techniques.

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