Issey Miyake

Square Scheme-2 Skirt - Black

$2,010 CAD

1 left in this size

a skirt with a dynamic silhouette that is docked with a square knit and fabric that is made up of minimal elements. the knit part has vertical ribs and horizontal garter structures arranged in a square part to create a three-dimensional shape. the fabric part uses a very thin nylon material, and when combined with the knit, it creates a rich form with a breeze. there are pockets on both sides and a slit on the front right side.

fabric part: 100% nylon
knit part: 100% polyester


Issey Miyake

Launched in 1971, Issey Miyake was founded on the concept of "a piece of cloth". Designed by Satoshi Kondo, the brand explores the relationship between the body and the clothes with creative ideas for modern women.

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