Dream 18" Small Belcher (M1)

$3,875 CAD
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PRICE: $3,875.00

Handcrafted in 18-karat Yellow Gold, this 18" Small Mixed Belcher Extension Chain Necklace symbolizes Dream. Dream forward. We can actualize our dreams. The divine triangle is often associated with pyramids, arrowheads, and sacred mountains, it is also the fire sign in the classical elements. It represents the journey of self-discovery, transformation & ascension. The arrow inspires us to powerfully launch forward and make the dream happen.

  • Handcrafted in 18-karat gold
  • Diamond weight .04 ct
  • Measures 18" long
  • Small Belcher chain necklace Gauge 2mm with 15 mm Medallion
  • Half of the necklace is made of fine belcher chain necklace at 18 links per inch
  • Half of the necklace is small belcher at 15 links per inch
  • The 1" extension is our medium belcher link at 9 links per inch
  • Finished with a lobster clasp