Tropical Wool Pleated Leather Waist Belt Wrap Skirt - Black

$660 CAD

1 left in this size

a key transitional piece comprised of recycled tropical wool, the Pleated Leather Wrap Skirt features a cut-out detail with adjustable closure, creating for countless styling combinations

it pairs just as easily with your I&O’s (see definition below) as it does your WOF’s (see definition below), landing it a permanent spot in your wardrobe rotation

the newest iteration of our signature wrap style, this skirt is proof that what goes around really does come back around

materials: 53% polyester, 43% wool, 4% elastane

Lizzy wears a size 4

Tibictionary Definitions

I&Os: In & Outs

I&Os are the items that make us feel modern, new, each season. It might be a shoulder that we are experimenting with, or a certain exaggerated sleeve shape. Pieces that makes us feel like our entire closet has been refreshed by their addition alone. And whilst they allow us to experiment, because they pair back with other items in our closet that speak to our DNA, we never feel in costume. We wear them for years, retire them, then bring them back out again when the time is right.

WOFs: Without Fails

Like our most trusted confidante, the person who knows you best, there are certain pieces of clothing or accessories that you turn to over and over again because they inexplicably tell the story of who you are. No matter what new modern piece you’re experimenting with, the WOFs are the items that, without fail, will still keep you grounded. Yourself. They are the narrative thread that connects the dots between your HTH and I&O pieces. Without them, you can feel rudderless.



I believe women should dress in a way that is effortless but polished. I love seeing someone’s personality come to life through their wardrobe choices. Contradictions in those choices are especially interesting: youthful and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, bold and muted.

- Amy Smilovic, Founder & Creative Director

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