NoLo Mini Bag - Aqua

$4,355 CAD

combining the valextra archive with contemporary craftsmanship, the nolo handbag defines our commitment to urban craft. this compact style comes in aquamarine millepunte calf skin making it a discreet everyday handbag. its adjustable, detachable thin leather strap, meanwhile, allows it to be worn on the shoulder, or across the body. its distinctive black lacquered costa edging finesses its architectural silhouette, while its twist lock fastening with our signature v-cutout is a detail from our 1950s archive.



Valextra was founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana in Milano, Italy. Specializing in leather products with distinctive shapes designed for the comfort of sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele, Valextra during its long history has become an internationally renowned Italian luxury brand. Its name is synonymous with a timeless style, innovative trends, exquisite craftsmanship and artisanal techniques of supreme quality.

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