Call it kismet, but I always knew that I would open a store. It was my mother’s unrequited dream, and I guess I inherited it from her.  My earliest indicator of my suitability for this profession was my first ‘role’ in birthday party pageants. In the sixties, a popular birthday party theme was ‘backyard beauty pageant’. A parent would lay out random clothes on a bed, and tables of accessories and makeup.  I always ended up with a lineup of friends waiting for me to choose their outfits and do their hair and makeup. Damn. I was good. And I was six.

Fast forward through years of travel with my family, living in Zambia and Brazil , my first year of university in Paris, and finally, a degree in fine arts from UBC. The importance of clothes was foremost and present throughout it all. As a student in Vancouver , I was hired by my now next door neighbour Andrea Molnar of Bacci’s fame. I loved my couple of years working with the Bacci family, and my time spent there was a big reason I had the courage to do my own thing.  Tada, September 5th, 1985, Boboli opened its doors. I was a I’m just an ol' babe tryin to keep on keeping on. And it’s still fun.

What I knew as a six year old, (you’re too young to know), and at 65 (you’re too old to know) is that it’s all in the details and about striking a balance for your eye. No one teaches you the wabi sabi of dress.  All I know is that I love my store, I love the designers that I work with, I love the Boboli team - they are my family (actually some of them are), and their ability to express their ‘eye’ for their customers. I love our customers (so many of whom have turned into friends) that I have had the absolute pleasure of working with and getting to know throughout our 35 years (plus!!) of business. All these pieces of the Boboli puzzle make opening our doors every day (then, now, and tomorrow) worth it. I am so pleased to welcome you into our now open virtual doors, although I still hope to see you all at 2776 Granville Street. But until then, welcome to Boboli - wherever you are in the world.

Xx Margie Murphy


Established in 1985 and situated in Vancouver’s South Granville Shopping District,
this luxury boutique carries an exquisite collection of women’s clothing and

Mon - Sat, 10:00am - 5:30pm

Phone   (604) 257-2300