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Heart Token - Love: Small Heart Bracelet

$6,690 CAD
To take a look at our current stock, explore where to start “building your story”. Not available for online purchase. To inquire about special orders, please send an email to info@boboli.ca.

PRICE: $6,690.00

Handcrafted in 18-karat Yellow Gold, this Small Heart Token Bracelet celebrates the seven classic types of love as defined thousands of years ago: Eros - Romantic Love, Philia - Friendship, Agape - Universal Love, Storge - Love Between Parent and Child, Ludus - Playful Love, Pragma - Love Founded on Duty & Reason, Philautia - Self Love.

All of these pieces are designed and created to be layered on each other to create your unique story. We ask that if the piece gets tangled, please be mindful of twisting or pulling to unbind the necklace as this could cause the connection between hearts to break. Please store flat in a box or a pouch when not wearing and we recommend removing while sleeping.