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Pause-Internal Compass: Signet Ring

$5,595 CAD
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PRICE: $5,595

Size 4.5 

Handcrafted in 18 karat Yellow Gold and Diamonds, this Signet Ring represents Pause. The musical term Birds Eye Pause, or fermata, is a symbol cueing the reader to hold or stop. Inserting silence, allows us to live in this moment and we begin to feel something. That something is our internal compass, our inner knowing. You need to pause, to reflect, to look inward. Because tomorrow is not promised. Pause. Reflect. Live. Savor. Today.

On the side of this ring are FD hallmarks. There is a symbolic language of hallmarking. The first mark is the maker (Who). In our case, we have the FR triangle which is a registered hallmark. The 2nd and 3rd marks typically speak to the content (What). Not only do we have 18K which indicates that it is 18 karat gold, but thry also have a presenting the cardinal direction East with an arrow inwards and symbolizes new beginnings. The cardinal direction as a mirror image allows self-reflection, can each of us find what has heart & meaning in life and determine the next step towards it All change starts within and then radiates outward.

  • Handcrafted in 18k Yellow Gold
  • Diamond weight: 0.122 ct with 9 Diamonds
  • 13mm wide face x 16mm tall face