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Large Sana Pearl Medallion (GS5)

$7,845 CAD
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PRICE: $7,845

Handcrafted in 18-karat gold, this Large Pearl Medallion symbolizes Wholeness. Black pearls have many spiritual associations, including healing and hope. Pearls are created in the nurturing, lunar energy of water: their shape and glow evoke the image of a full moon. I find inspiration in the growth of the pearl: an irritant disrupts the stasis of the oyster, and over time, layers of pearl nacre surround the substance. These gradual layers build upon each other and transform what was once a thread into a thing of beauty. This gem grows out of necessity, the same way we must aspire to heal when confronted with adversity-with grace, hope, and beauty.

  • 10mm Black Tahitian South Sea Pearl
  • Soldered in 18-karat gold
  • Medallion measures 17.5mm in diameter