Blue Blue Japan

Wool Dobby "Sashiko" Long Skirt - Dark Navy


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a long skirt with a beautiful drape. it's simple, so you can use it on or off.

worsted sashiko material woven on a dobby loom. worsted two-ply yarn is woven at high density to give it an elegant luster.
it has a flowing drape and creates a beautiful silhouette. although it is thin and smooth to the touch, it is material that combines softness and swelling, and the warm feeling unique to wool.

the fabric is draped in the bias direction to create a beautiful silhouette. detail are designed very simply to highlight the beauty of material.
stitch is minimized, and the hem is cut off for a light finish. the inside of the waist is points tailored with a woven patterned unbleached sleek.


Blue Blue Japan

Established in the early 1990s, this Tokyo-based brand is known for its bold use of natural indigo. The garments are built to develop a unique patina through traditional dying & construction techniques.

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